Sight is an app that allows the visually impaired to recognize their friends, get an idea of their surroundings, and have written text read aloud. The app also uses voice recognition to listen for speech commands to identify objects, people or to read text.

Sight won first place overall at Yale University's 2017 YHack Hackathon and the award for the best use of Facebook APIs or SDKs.


Bairea is a two-part mobile air quality measurement system, intended to be used by anyone. A module is first mounted to a bicycle, car or other vehicle.

The module measures respiratory irritants, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide every few seconds. The device then wirelessly logs location-indexed and time-indexed data to a web dashboard. Users can look at current and historical air quality data from their device on the web dashboard. By continuously collecting data as people drive, from day to day, the module starts to build a picture of how air quality varies among the places they go most.

Bairea won the TomKat Prize for Sustainability at Stanford University's 2018 TreeHacks Hackathon